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More than just another internet company

We’re an extension of your business or nonprofit’s team.

Who We Are

Felibrain Resources is a forward-thinking website design and blockchain development company; serving businesses of all size around the globe. Our core goal is to deliver technologies that help our clients run more profitable businesses, and discover better ways to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Our clients are more like partners to us. You can think of us as an extension of your team. As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of small businesses and nonprofits and strive for nothing less than your success. Our mission on every project we undertake is help our clients succeed.

At FELIBRAIN RESOURCES, we make conscious efforts in every project to exceed the expectations of our clients. Quality assurance and effective project management are some of our major strengths. We have personnel within the team whose responsibilities include ensuring that all projects go through strict quality control tests.

FELIBRAIN RESOURCES work with brands of different sizes – multinationals, SMEs, and startups. We provide services that can help businesses of any size. Whether you need to start up your business, improve your existing brand, increase sales, or simply get more awareness, we can help.

Our Culture Of Excellence

We are passionate about our work. We never compromise on quality We celebrate our clients’ success. We help one another. We never stop learning. We respect our clients. We go the extra mile, always.

Our Story

Our story, like many businesses, starts with a humble beginning, however, ours is born out of passion for anything tech. Felix Silas founded Felibrain Resources after having been told he could not gain an admision into a computer training school because he had eye cataracts from birth. He knew that there had to be a better way out and was determined to learn, so he decided to start learning how to use a  computer online. This later metamorphosized into learning HTML and CSS for static web page design 

Fast-forward six years later Felix resigned his teaching job in a secondary school and  started Felibrain Resources as a small cyber cafe from the funds he was able to save in his 4 years of teaching. He soon determined that he needed a bit more exposure and began designing and getting his site hosted commercially. Few years later, Felibrain Resources was registered as an IT company in Nigeria, and Felix’s web design and programming skills grew. Felix began taking on website design and blockchain development clients, especially on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Today, hundreds of website design and blockchain projects later, Felibrain Resources serves clients as far away as Texas, and locally around Nigeria.

As time has gone on, Felix realized that while blockchain development and web design were much needed amongst small business owners, marketing – especially in arears of branding and digital marketing – was needed even more – for small businesses.  His passion for helping small businesses also meant he needed to employ more experts to not only assist with programming jobs but also have a separate department handle graphic design and explainer video creation.

Now, Felibrain Resources is transitioning from being largely a blockchain and web development company to a digital marketing agency geared toward small businesses and nonprofits. Our mission is simple – to deliver technologies that help our clients run more profitable businesses, and discover better ways to achieve their business goals and objectives.. Our goal is to serve your business so well that you feel less that we’re a company that you work with and more that we’re an extension of your organization.

Let’s work together to take your business forward!