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A perfect way to keep your brand prominent in people’s minds

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Frequently Asked Questions

An explainer video is a video used to explain a product or service, a concept, or how to do something. Explainer videos usually last between 30 seconds and two minutes and are placed on high-traffic website landing pages or as a featured video on YouTube and social media. Explainer videos are also useful for internal comms.

Explainer videos boost your online presence and brand awareness. Studies show an explainer video can hold viewers’ attention for 70% of the total video length. Explainer videos embedded on social media and websites also boost search rankings because people are spending more time engaging with your content. Creating an online video ad for free is difficult because most truly free ad makers have limited capabilities. Many online video ad creators offer a free trial, though but they will add watermarks and make you waste your time or pay heavy subscription fees in the end.. A good video ad is short, visually compelling, and quick to get to the point. Within the first five seconds, viewers should understand what you are trying to sell and what specific problem your product or service solves for them. A good video ad is also entertaining, so get creative. How long should an explainer video be? The sweet spot for explainer video length depends on the platform you post on. Follow these guidelines:

– Instagram: 30 seconds or less

– Twitter: 30 seconds or less

– Facebook organic: 3+ minutes

– Facebook ads: 30 seconds or less

– YouTube: 2+ minutes

– Homepage: 90 seconds or less

An animation explainer uses character animations and/or animated text, combined with music and sometimes voice over, to explain a product, service, concept, or process. An animation explainer is one of the most common types of explainer videos, because it’s easy to make and accessible for audiences. Well the pricing depends on what you need and the length of the video ad. But pricing starts from $20. Yes. The video ad we make comes with high resolutions and are very clear. But you may want to compress them if you intend using the ad videos in a web page.

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand explainer videos.